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Spring Break with the Buccos

Rocco with Andrew McCutchen

“ The memories will remain with Rocco as he fights his battle... ”

Three-year-old Rocco has a love for baseball and an even greater love for his hometown team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rocco, who had a liver transplant, wished to take a much needed break from his illness and attend the Pirates spring training game while staying in Clearwater Beach. Joined by his sister and parents, Rocco packed his Pirates gear and left his home in Pittsburgh, PA, to follow the Pirates all the way to Florida.

Rocco with Clint HurdleRocco was up bright and early on the day of the game, unable to contain his excitement for the upcoming events. When he arrived to McKechnie Field, he was greeted by the Pirate’s representative, who escorted Rocco to the field. The Pirate’s manager Clint Hurdle was waiting to shake Rocco’s hand and welcome him to the game, along with some other coaches and players. Rocco was smiling ear-to-ear the entire time, surrounded by many of his idols.

Rocco’s parents were so impressed with how friendly and helpful the members of the Pirate’s staff were towards Rocco. It was such a great moment to watch Rocco’s dreams come true as he threw the honorary first pitch at the beginning of the game. The crowd erupted with cheers as Rocco made his way off the field, ready to watch the game. It was the perfect day, one that Rocco will not easily forget.  During the rest of his stay on the beach, Rocco and his family also got to enjoy Dinosaur World and Busch Gardens. His parents are appreciative for everything that Make-A-Wish® did to help Rocco’s wish become a reality. The memories will remain with Rocco as he fights his battle, helping him to be as strong as the players that he met on his special wish.  

Future Pirates baseball star

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