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May the Wish Be With You

  • Trevin battles Darth Vader

  • Looks of joy and surprise as Trevin's wish is revealed by Darth Vader and two Storm Troopers

  • A look of joy and surprise as his wish comes true

  • Trevin comes face-to-face with Darth Vader

  • Light saber battle

  • Fighting the Storm Troopers with a Light Saber

  • Trevin and his family with the Storm Troopers

  • May the Wish Be With You

  • Hugging the furry Chewbacca

  • Ewoks

  • Trevin with the Jawas and Luke Skywalker

  • Wisdom from Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • All smiles

  • Trevin with the Star Wars characters

  • Fun on the merry-go-round

  • Meeting the merry Mary Poppins

  • Trevin and his family meet Mickey

  • Posing with Pluto

  • Trevin and his sister with Mayor Clayton

  • Fun with SpongeBob

“ I've never been happy like this! ”

- Trevin

Intergalactic battles.  Good vs. evil.  The adventures of Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker and other characters in a land far, far away. Trevin loves to immerse himself in the Star Wars™ adventures; he loves all the characters, the movies and even owns several light sabers. However, unlike other young Star Wars™ fans, he was born with cystic fibrosis, a condition that affects the lungs and digestive system. Earlier this year, when Trevin learned that a special Star Wars™ Weekend would be happening in Walt Disney World®, he knew he had to be there to see it. In April, at a Waffles and Wishes event, Make-A-Wish® surprised Trevin when it announced he would be granted his wish to attend the new Star Wars™ exhibit! The look on Trevin’s face when he found out his wish was going to come true was priceless. To say that he was a little bit excited would be a huge understatement. He was thrilled!

Trevin and his family were sent to Florida for a week. While there they stayed at Give Kids the World Village, which they absolutely loved and hardly wanted to leave because they were having so much fun. The Village only got better when some surprise visitors came just for Trevin. He got to meet Darth Vader, accompanied by his storm troopers, along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and even a couple Jawas. Trevin had a private meeting with all of his favorite characters and even learned the proper way to wield a light saber from none other but Darth Vader himself. Trevin and his family also spent several days at Walt Disney World®, where they rode the rides and met even more storybook characters.

For Trevin a trip to Disney, complete with a visit from his favorite Star Wars characters was exactly what the doctor ordered. He and his family were able to have a week free from worries and limitations. This week allowed Trevin to just be a kid and have the time of his life. 

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