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Maggie's Princess Smile

  • Priceless princess smile

  • Maggie in her superstar glasses

  • Maggie and her mom on a ride

  • Princess Maggie

  • Maggie's princess transformation is complete

  • Maggie is all smiles on her flight to Orlando

  • Cherished moments with Mickey

  • Maggie meets Belle

  • Maggie receives a big hug from Cinderella

  • Maggie meets Elsa

  • Christmas at Give Kids the World

  • Maggie on a Dumbo ride

  • The family at a penguin exhibit

  • Mom, dad and Maggie tour Japan at Epcot®

  • Fun on the merry-go-round at Give Kids the World

  • Maggie meets the Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

  • Sporting a big smile by a sandcastle

  • Orca garden

  • Hanging out with Tinker Bell

  • Maggie becomes a wilderness explorer

  • Maggie and her dad enjoy time at the parks

“ I haven't seen a smile on her face that big in a long while. ”

- Maggie's mom

Fighting cancer can be a tough battle. But with the magic of Make-A-Wish®, a kid's fears and pain can melt away with a hug from Mickey Mouse or a tea party with the princesses. As soon as Maggie found out her wish to go to the Orlando theme parks would be granted, she was "over the moon" excited. She even created a special way to count down the days until her big trip.

Full of joy on a Walt Disney World ride"I'm so happy that we will have something to take our mind off of things and something to look forward to," said Maggie's mom.

It wasn't long before Maggie was on a plane to Florida and arrived at Give Kids the World Village, where a beautiful villa all decorated for Christmas was waiting for her and her family.  Maggie was so excited and tried to do as much as possible during her first night -- taking a ride on the merry-go-round, eating at the Gingerbread House restaurant and having a bowl full of ice cream.   The fun was just beginning.

After a character breakfast with Mickey, Belle, Goofy and Pluto and a visit to SeaWorld, Maggie's true wish to be transformed into a princess came true at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique in Downtown Disney.  Maggie chose to look like Tiana from the Princess and the Frog. Maggie received a beautiful princess dress and had her nails and makeup done.  Her mom said, "She was so incredibly excited. I haven't seen a smile on her face that big in a long while."

The rest of Maggie's magical wish trip included thrilling rides, a safari through Disney's Animal Kingdom® and meetings with the princesses. Maggie had a special meet-and-greet with Belle and the Beast, and Rapunzel gave Maggie a big kiss on her cheek.  Rapunzel's lipstick was still there when Maggie went to bed that night. She wouldn't let her mom wipe it off.

Maggie arrived back in West Virginia with more than autographs and souvenirs.  She came home with a renewed outlook.  Maggie had to return to the hospital shortly after coming home, but now she had the joyful memories from her trip to keep her positive. 

Thank you to Make-A-Wish, Give Kids the World, and the many people that wanted Maggie's wish to come true. It truly was amazing! I'm finally seeing more and more of her old self. She's finally starting to feel like herself. ”

— Maggie's mom

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