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Elizabeth's Cares Drift Away

Elizabeth enjoying a carefree vacation on the beach

“ The wish brightened all our spirits and we shall never forget it. ”

- Elizabeth's dad

The ocean breeze was calling her name as six-year-old Elizabeth and her family hopped on the plane en route to Clearwater, FL. Elizabeth, who has intractable epilepsy, did not have too much trouble when choosing her wish to go on a beach vacation. She loves everything about the ocean – swimming in the billowing waves and playing in the smooth sand -- a simple equation for a perfect play-day.

Elizabeth could hardly wait to take off for the beach with her family, fully prepared for the adventure ahead. While in Florida, Elizabeth spent hours upon hours at the beach building sandcastles, swimming in the warm water and burying her toes in the hot sand. As she admired the swaying palm trees and angelic dolphins swimming gracefully through the water, she experienced her own taste of beach bliss.  When Elizabeth was not soaking up the sun’s rays at the beach, she and her family continued the fun as they visited Busch Gardens and the Tampa Zoo.

This trip to the beach was truly an unforgettable experience for Elizabeth as she spent time with her family, laughing and relaxing.  She forgot about hospital visits and medical treatments, and instead focused on having fun and creating memories that she and her family will cherish for years to come.  After returning from vacation, Elizabeth’s mother explained that “this trip helped [Elizabeth] to enjoy herself and remember good times versus all the hard times.”  Although Elizabeth did not want to leave her personal paradise, she will always have the comfort of looking back upon her wish come true.  Elizabeth’s father’s describes it best as he states, “the wish brightened all our spirits and we shall never forget it and will continue to support Make-A-Wish.”  These memories will surely empower her to continue moving forward with a newfound sense of fight and determination.

  • Full of joy and excitement

  • Elizabeth ready for a fun-filled beach vacation

  • Enjoying a day on the beach with her brother

Elizabeth had a very trying time for a couple years before brain surgery and this trip helped her to enjoy herself and remember good times versus all the hard times. ”

— Elizabeth's mom

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I have known Elizabeth's mom since she was little, and I am so thankful that her daughter is in good health and had her wish come true.

September 10, 2013 - 11:50 AM

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