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Building Memories

Jacob with the designers of the Lord of the Rings LEGO set

“ This wish was like a wonderful reward for him... ”

- Jacob's mom

Jacob’s (JT) middle name comes from a character in the popular Lord of the Rings trilogy -- Treebeard. Like Treebeard, Jacob has remained strong and steady throughout his treatments for his genetic immunodeficiency. Although his activities have often been limited to the confines of his hospital bed, building LEGO® sets keeps him entertained. JT’s one true wish was to visit LEGO headquarters and meet the LEGO designers who
created the Lord of the Rings LEGO character he’s named for. In JT’s own words, what followed was “Epic!”

Hear me roar! Fun times at LEGO headquartersOn his big wish day, Jacob’s guide led him to a bright, spacious meeting room at the LEGO museum.  There sat Bjarke and Jordan, the two master builders who had designed LEGO Treebeard himself.

“For JT, it was like meeting the president:  these guys are his movie stars,” said his mom.  “They were so great – so kind, so interested, so genuine, so humble, so present with us.  How could they know how much this meant to a kid who’s had to fight for his life?”

JT’s mom was overwhelmed by how her son was treated like a fellow builder, discussing projects and LEGO design with the pros. For a child who wasn’t well enough to travel prior to the trip, the wish symbolized a great milestone in JT’s medical journey.

  • Jacob and his family arrive at LEGO headquarters

  • Jacob and his brother with two LEGO master builders

  • Jacob and his brother explore the cockpit on the plane

So what does it look like when a wish comes true? It looks like kindness. When you see it, it hits you hard, right in the chest, and it makes your eyes water. It looks like a young boy beaming with fierce joy, eyes shining, happy and alive. ”

— Jacob's mom

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