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'Amazing Beyond Belief'

Jeffrey and his family at the Grand Canyon

“ There are no words to describe it, it was amazing.. ”

- Jeffrey

Majestic canyons, bright blue skies and no worries – that was ten-year-old Jeffrey’s idea of the perfect wish.

After weeks of research to determine the best wish possible, this West Virginia wish kid, diagnosed with an immune deficiency disorder, chose to explore the great outdoors and walk the “Skywalk” at the famous Grand Canyon for his wish.  And for him and his family, the trip was nothing short of amazing.

Jeffrey meets a furry friendThe excitement of Jeffrey’s trip started the second he stepped onto the plane in Charleston, WV.  Not only was he about to experience his first flight ever, but he also got to meet the pilot of the plane and was given his very own set of pilot wings.  Once Jeffrey and his family arrived in Arizona, they immediately began to tackle the many activities they had planned for the week.  First stop: Hoover Dam, which Jeffrey described as both a “beautiful and a majestic sight.”  Later, Jeffrey and his family checked into their lodge on the Hualapai Native American Reservation, where they got to watch Native American dances and see some of their homes on the reservation.   

The next day, Jeffrey's true wish came true -- he got to walk across the “Skywalk,” an all-glass walkway that sits above the canyon.  Jeffrey and his family also rode in a helicopter over the South Rim of the canyon and the surrounding forest.  Jeffrey described the ride as being “so fun you couldn’t describe it if you were there.”

Jeffrey and his family loved having this opportunity to spend quality time together as a family, sharing laughter and making new memories.  Jeffrey put it quite simply when describing his trip out west when he said, “My wish couldn’t have gone better, it was perfect.”

  • Jeffrey and his sister sit on the Grand Canyon skywalk

  • Jeffrey meets some Indians

  • Jeffrey with his mom and sister at the Grand Canyon

  • At the Hoover Dam

Jeffrey truly realized he can do almost anything. These are memories he will never forget... ”

— Jeffrey's mom

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