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Michael Reflects Back on his Beetle Boy Crime-Fighting Days

Beetle Boy with Spiderman and the Green Goblin

“ It started up my self-esteem early. ”

- Michael

Fourteen years ago, Michael spent the day as ‘Beetle Boy,’ Pittsburgh’s very own villain-fighting superhero. Reflecting back upon his wish, Michael realized that he still “remembers [his wish] pretty vividly." He explained that the day started out like any other.

Michael as Beetle Boy“I was watching cartoons like I usually did with my Dad,” Michael said.

Then, all of the sudden, a newscast interrupted Michael’s cartoons.  At first, he ignored it, but then Michael heard his very own name being broadcasted, followed by a plea for help: “Pittsburgh needs you!” Dressed in superhero garb within seconds, Beetle Boy was ready to save his hometown and defeat the Green Goblin.

Throughout the day, Beetle Boy continually stopped all of the Green Goblin’s evil efforts.  He saved a damsel in distress whom the Goblin had tied to the train tracks at the Zoo, rescued the Pitt Panther at the University of Pittsburgh stadium, and even restored the water supply of the fountain at Point State Park.  Before the Goblin had the chance to complete one last act of treachery, Beetle Boy crept behind him and captured him with a net.  Pittsburgh was saved and all civilians could finally be at rest!

Now, at age 20, Michael no longer has to worry about the awful antics of the Green Goblin, as he shares his life with his fiancée, Rachel, and works a part-time job.   Although Michael is retired from his Beetle Boy days, he still carries on as a modern-day superhero for he continues to fight his medical condition with fortitude and vigor.  When looking back upon his day spent saving the Steel City, it still makes Michael feel amazing.  

  • Michael with WTAE News Anchor Mike Clark

  • Beetle Boy saves a damsel in distress

  • Catching the Green Goblin

It made me optimistic, very optimistic and showed me that I can do anything and be anyone if I believe that I can. ”

— Michael

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