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Splashing Away Her Fears

Carmen, her siblings and the installer of her new pool

“ I felt so blessed and thankful... ”

- Carmen

From Cancer to College

Carmen was the typical teenager. She loved spending time with her friends, taking dance classes and watching The Real World on MTV. When she was fifteen, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She had to battle through chemotherapy sessions all while keeping up with her rigorous academic schedule and still maintaining normalcy in her life.

When she found out she was going to be granted a wish, she was surprised and excited. As an example of her truly humble personality, she wanted a wish that she could share with her family and friends. So she wished for a swimming pool and had a backyard party to celebrate once the pool was completed.

Today, Carmen is getting ready to go off to college. Her kindness and spirit has endured and she is determined to graduate with a degree in Interior Design from Kent State University. “I will not let anything stop me from obtaining my degree and starting my professional career in as little time as possible,” she says.

Carmen channeled the strength and joy she received through her wish into all of her passions in high school. She is an extremely well-rounded and bright individual serving as the president of French Club and participating in Interact, FCCLA and student government at Norwin High School in North Huntingdon, PA. Additionally, she volunteers at Relay for Life and Race for Grace, a 5K race that benefits searching for a cure for pediatric brain cancer. She has maintained a stellar grade point average during all four years of high school and recently applied for the Kurt R. Weiss Scholarship for Wish Kids.

Of her experience with Make-A-Wish®, Carmen says, “I felt so blessed and thankful for the people who donate and run Make-A-Wish because they are doing an amazing thing for kids.” No doubt Carmen will use her positive energy, motivation and determination to accomplish all of her scholastic and personal goals. 

  • Carmen dipping her feet into her new pool

  • Carmen's senior photo

  • Carmen joins Kurt Weiss, Pirates President Frank Coonelly and Stella at Kurt Weiss Scholarship for Wish Kids Reception

  • Carmen's wish art

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