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Dancing on Broadway

Dancing on the Broadway stage

“ Thank you again for the incredible gift you gave me of dancing on Broadway. ”

- Bailey

Before being introduced to Make-A-Wish®, Bailey just dreamed of dancing on the Broadway stage. Diagnosed with a rare skin disorder called lamellar ichthyosis, which makes even a fever life-threatening, she didn't know if this would ever be possible. But in April 2002, Make-A-Wish made her wish a reality.

Bailey was a  sophomore in high school when Make-A-Wish whisked her off to New York City with her parents and best friend.  While Bailey enjoyed visiting the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Macy's and Times Square, and even giving back by volunteering at a soup kitchen, the highlight of the trip was dancing on Broadway. 

"I had the incredible honor of having a private dance lesson with the dance captain of Broadway's Beauty & the Beast," said Bailey. "Beauty & the Beast is my all-time favorite movie because I can relate to both main characters so well.  The dance captain was so impressed with my ability to dance and pick up choreography that he ended up teaching me three of the routines from the show, instead of just the one he thought he would get through.  And the entire lesson was on the actual stage...I stood on a Broadway stage!!! "

Bailey got a full backstage tour and that night, got to see the show and meet the cast.  Many of those involved in the production complimented Bailey on her dancing talent. 

Welcome to BenezetteJust a month and a half after her wish, on the day of her dress rehearsal for her hometown dance recital, Bailey was surprised to receive a  dancer figurine from the entire Beauty & the Beast cast, wishing her luck with the show. 

"It made me feel so good that they remembered that important event and me," said Bailey.

Since her Make-A-Wish trip, Bailey has returned to see the musical two more times.  The actor playing the beast was still the same and remembered her.  Bailey still keeps in touch with the pianist from the show, who she fondly calls "Aunt Amy."

For Bailey, her wish was a life-changing experience.  She joins 87% of adult former wish kids surveyed by Make-A-Wish® America who have received a boost in courage to pursue opportunities that seemed difficult or impossible to even consider before they received their wish.  Since her trip to the city that never sleeps, Bailey has graduated cum laude from Eastern University with a music degree in piano and teaches at her local dance studio.   Bailey, who had always wanted to compete in beauty pageants, but never thought it was possible, is now the reigning Ms. Pennsylvania and National first runner up for the Pure American Pageant.  Bailey, now 28, is an inspiration and is dedicated to making a difference as Ms. Pennsylvania -- making appearances and helping communities around the state throughout the coming year.

  • Bailey and her college roommate with "Aunt Amy" -- pianist and conductor for the show

  • Bailey and her college roommate with the Beast

  • Bailey's autograph from the Beast

  • Bailey as Ms. Pennsylvania at Elk County Fair

  • National Competition

  • Pure American Princess Tea Coronation

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