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After Wish, Cinthia Helping Others Find a Healthy Path

Cinthia with her new computer

“ The wish meant everything for me... ”

- Cinthia

Cinthia has always been invested in her own education. Her favorite subject is social studies, and she has a great relationship with her guidance counselor. Diagnosed with kyphoscoliosis with complications at age nine, Cinthia had trouble doing a lot of the things that normal kids do. She could have easily given up. Instead, she tried to work harder.

She received additional motivation when Make-A-Wish® stepped in to grant her wish to have a laptop computer. On an early morning during her winter break from school in 2011, Cinthia awoke to find her computer along with a printer in the mail. To celebrate its arrival, Cinthia’s Make-A-Wish volunteers hosted a pizza party. Highlighting the importance of the wish, Cinthia remarked, “The wish meant everything for me not just because I needed a laptop, but because I knew there were good people out there willing to make me feel better and happier.”

Today, Cinthia is getting ready to go to college with aspirations of becoming a medical professional. She credits her life and wish experiences in guiding her to enter the medical field. “I want to help young people like myself to enter adult life, to form their personal opinions, to believe in themselves and to find the right healthy path in life.”

  • Cinthia displays her wish computer

  • Cinthia sits back and relaxes in her room

  • Cinthia with her mom and dad as her wish comes true

  • Cinthia gets ready to open the case containing her wish computer

  • Cinthia's family gathers around for a special party thrown in honor of her wish coming true

  • Cinthia gets ready to open the boxes of hot pizza for her wish party

  • Cinthia's senior photo

  • Cinthia with fellow Kurt Weiss Scholarship winners at PNC Park

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