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Once a Wish Kid, Always a Wish Kid

Cherie at Walt Disney World in 2001

“ I am a proud wish kid and will be one for the rest of my days. ”

- Cherie

Cherie today

Looking back years after their wish experiences, adult former wish kids tell us that the experience served as a a means of returning their focus on the future and gave them renewed energy and a better state of mind to fight their illnesses or conditions.  Cherie is no exception.  When Cherie was asked what her perfect wish would be, she responded, “Breakfast with Winnie the Pooh.” Cherie’s wish took her and her family all the way to Orlando, FL, to visit Walt Disney World®. Now 26, Cherie will always be proud to be a wish kid, fondly remembering how Make-A-Wish “completely went over and above” for her trip to Walt Disney World® in March 2001.  

Cherie, diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, was just 12 when her wish was granted.  The memories and magic started with Cherie's first plane ride.  Although a bit anxious about the flight, she said, "Once we had landed, there seemed to be a surprise around every turn." She says she cannot even begin to explain the magic she felt while staying at Give Kids the World. Along with the village, Cherie and her family also visited the parks, such as Magic Kingdom®, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. 

After a bone marrow transplant in 2013, which was successful, Cherie is ready to take on new challenges. Thanks to her life-changing wish trip, Cherie found the strength to continue fighting her illness until the battle was won.  She said the “rest of my NOW story is to be continued.”

  • Cherie at Universal Studios on her wish

  • Cherie remains strong despite her continuing medical battles

I can hold on to these old memories and remain a wish kid. Not just to stay in that Dreamland, but to know there are kind, loving people out there willing to volunteer their time for the families who are hurt or broken, and that one wish can change someone’s attitude from negative to a positive. ”

— Cherie

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