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Brock Still Swinging

Brock then: A smile after a ride on his new slide.

“ Continuing to love the gift of a wish! ”

- Brock's mom

Ten-year-old Brock has come a long way since his playset swinging, CD collecting, Sesame Street days. In Brock’s very early life, he faced more trying times than any little boy ought to meet. At only two years old, he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and spent the following years receiving treatment, taking trips to Children’s Hospital and braving countless medical scans.

Brock then: Climbing ropeOften being cooped up in the hospital, Brock yearned to be playing outside, like any average little boy. One day in late July of 2007, Brock was finally able to have fun and get in the swing of things. His backyard was turned into a party; there were beautiful balloons, scrumptious snacks, tons of family, and most importantly, Brock’s wish. 

While telling him to close his eyes, Brock’s mother led him to the backyard where everyone was gathered. As he opened his eyes, he almost couldn’t believe what he saw; it was his very own swing set. It included a tire swing, winding slide, rope climb, a spacious tree house and other fun features. The Chick-fil-A cow even came to celebrate Brock’s wish. Now, eight years later, that same playset still stands tall and strong in Brock’s backyard, just like he does.

There is no mistake that Brock has always been an active child, which holds honest today. This almost eleven-year-old is an avid triathlete and has completed 24 triathlons to date. In addition, Brock has been attending VIP (Visually Impaired Person) Sports Camp at Slippery Rock University every year since he turned five. 

As if his repertoire wasn’t impressive enough, Brock has received an ample of great honors within his small number of years, including 2015 Exceptional Elementary School Student with Blindness or Visual Impairment and honorary team captain of Carnegie Mellon University’s Tartan football team.

When Brock isn’t busy becoming the next Olympic athlete, he is just your average young boy. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and swinging high to the stars on his backyard wish-come-true. 

  • Brock Now: On the slide

  • Brock then: On the rope swing

  • Brock Now: On the rope swing

  • Brock Now: On the tire swing

  • Brock now: On top of his slide

  • Brock then: The Chick-fil-A cow comes to celebrate Brock's wish.

The swing set is still standing strong and is STILL getting daily use. Not a day goes by that Brock and his friends are not out there taking full advantage of it. ”

— Brock's mom

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