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BREAKING NEWS: Miami Heat Recruits New Player

  • Michael and his parents with trophy

  • Michael with some Miami Heat players

  • LeBron signing basketball for Michael

  • Michael getting Miami Heat jersey

  • Michael's introduction

  • Michael on the sideline - front row seats!

“ This wish was great all around from beginning to end. Thank you so much to Make-A-Wish® for making my wish possible. ”

- Michael

His name flashed onto the jumbo-tron as the announcers introduced him. The crowd cheered. There was a new player in the Magic City. Wish kid Michael ran out of the players’ tunnel as flames shot up around him and joined his dream-team for the day, the Miami Heat.

Sixteen-year-old Michael did not rush when determining his wish – he wanted think outside of the box so he could be positive that he picked the most magical, unreal wish experience imaginable. Michael loves watching and playing sports, particularly football and basketball, and his favorite team to follow is the Miami Heat. He looks up to many of the Heat players as role models, especially his favorite player LeBron James. With this information in mind, Michael was close to choosing his wish – he just needed to figure out how he could make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An easy idea would be to simply attend a game, but Michael took it a couple steps further: he wished to join the team roster as a Miami Heat player.

Michael’s introduction and entrance to the court came as a surprise – he did not expect to be treated as a real Miami Heat player, making his wish even more special than he originally thought possible. Michael later joined other wish kids on the court to meet the entire Heat team. Michael explained that although LeBron is his favorite player to watch, he also enjoyed meeting Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, and Michael Beasley. To Michael, however, the best part of his wish experience was getting to watch the team play while sitting in front row seats. He also received an authentic Miami Heat basketball from the team with each of the players’ autographs. Michael said that he planned to get a case for it once he returned home so that he can display it for all to see. 

“This wish was great all around from beginning to end,” Michael said. “Thank you so much to Make-A-Wish® for making my wish possible.”  

Although Michael was part of the team just for a day, he will be reminded of his wish spent as a true Miami Heat player every time he watches them play.

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