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Rapping to Inspire Others

  • Bobby records in the studio

  • Bobby and his family arrive at the recording studio celebrity style

  • Bobby and his brother Jake shortly after arriving at the recording studio

  • Bobby and Mac Miller collaborate on a cool song

  • Bobby can't help but smile as his wish comes true

  • Bobby watches Mac at the controls

  • Bobby raps his new song

  • Bobby gets interviewed by WTAE-TV reporter Sally Wiggin

  • Bobby is all smiles as he is interviewed about his wish

  • Bobby and his family

“ Everyone has a story. But not everyone has a story like Bobby. ”

Bobby Teams Up with Chart-Topping Rapper Mac Miller to Create a Rap to Encourage Other Young Adults Battling Cancer

Everyone has a story. But not everyone has a story like Bobby.

Eighteen-year-old Bobby was born with a passion for rap music. He began rapping when he was three-years-old, about the same time he learned to speak.

"His father is a criminal defense lawyer,” his mom told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “There was a surveillance tape that he was reviewing, and in the tape, they were playing 'Pocket Full of Stones.' " Bobby started singing along, and hasn’t stopped since. 

Bobby aspired to write and record his own music someday. However, everything changed when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in March 2010.

Suddenly, Bobby had to face an onslaught of medical struggles, including emergency surgery. It seemed as if the stories he wanted to tell were quickly slipping away and that he would not have a chance to perform again. But despite his trials, Bobby did not abandon hope. Instead of letting his diagnosis defeat him, he used it as a vehicle for song inspiration.

"That's all I write about, that's the only thing," Bobby told reporters. "To tell my story, that's what I do all the time -- that is what I rap about now."

Bobby, who also goes by the name “Yung Ka”, realized that all his battles had been worth it when his wish to meet his idol, rapper Mac Miller, came true. With the help of Make-A-Wish®, Bobby met up with his favorite artist by limo for a private recording session. Bobby’s wish was also a milestone for Make-A-Wish®, earning the 13,000th spot on the list of wishes the Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia chapter has granted since its start.  

When Bobby met Mac Miller, the two immediately fell into sync. During their time together, Bobby and Mac Miller were simply two rappers from Pittsburgh sharing their stories and experimenting with music. While they lead very different lives, both felt like they could relate to each other. Bobby learned new techniques from the famous rapper, and Mac Miller was able to see the strength and determination of the aspiring artist, something he said sets Bobby apart from other rappers.

A celebration for Make-A-Wish and for Bobby, this wish will not be forgotten. Bobby may not have had a perfect life, but he has transformed his experiences into sources of inspiration, not discouragement. Whatever plot twists he may face in the future, Bobby believes his story is still being written, one beat at a time.

To tell my story, that's what I do all the time -- that is what I rap about now. ”

— Bobby

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