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Kiley's Perfect Note

Kiley glows as she is introduced to the sold-out crowd

“ Her wish was a once-in-a-lifetime event. ”

- Kiley's mom

With each musical note, Kiley's worries and thoughts of her health challenges disappear. The melodies take her to a different place -- a place where hospital stays and treatments for her life-threatening hematologic condition are far from her mind. Her love of music is more than just a hobby -- it's her life.

When given the opportunity to be granted a wish, Kiley, who plays both the flute and the piccolo, didn't just want to attend a concert or receive a new instrument. She wanted to perform... with the Boston Pops Orchestra. And on one magical evening, her wish came true.

Kiley with head flutist, Cynthia MeyersKiley will never forget the events leading up to her orchestra debut.  After a meeting with the Boston Pops Orchestra conductor, Keith Lockhart, and the head flutist, Cynthia Meyers, Kiley received a private flute lesson and enjoyed lunch in downtown Boston. She was thrilled to be able to watch the entire symphony rehearsal with her family.  But the best was yet to come.

That evening, Kiley became one of the youngest musicians to perform with the Boston Pops Orchestra.  After enjoying a front row table with her family for the first half of the concert, she was then brought back stage. Then the spotlight was on Kiley.  Her face glowed as the conductor invited her to join the orchestra on stage for the finale of "Stars and Stripes Forever" and introduced her to the audience.  

Now it was her time to shine.  Now was her moment to share her music with the world. After playing a solo before a sold-out crowd, Kiley received a standing ovation.  They were cheering for her, and the smile on her face stretched from ear-to-ear.  It was a moment she will cherish for a lifetime. 

"Her wish was a once-in-a-lifetime event," said Kiley's mom. "We all enjoyed seeing Kiley happy."

Kiley's wish to play with the orchestra was just the beginning. She now plans to start making music her career as she studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  And with each melody she plays, Kiley will remember the day she played before a sold-out crowd at the Boston Symphony Hall.

  • Kiley with her family outside Boston Symphony Hall

  • Kiley takes her seat on stage

  • Full stage

  • Conductor, Keith Lockhart, introduces Kiley to the crowd

  • Kiley plays a solo during "Stars and Stripes Forever"

  • Smiling and laughing after a great performance

  • Kiley with Boston Pops Orchestra conductor, Keith Lockhart, and the head flutist, Cynthia Meyers

  • Kiley looks on as Boston Pops Orchestra conductor, Keith Lockhart, signs her sheet music

  • Kiley with her family on stage after the show

Kiley's wish is a memory that she will never forget. She was so honored and happy to be a wish recipient. She has revived energy and is motivated more. ”

— Kiley's mom

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