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Colton's Wood Choppin' Wish

Colton takes a swing with his trusty axe.

“ Colton showed his true lumberjack strength! ”

Three-year-old Colton, from Manchester, PA, has faced an uphill battle with a brain tumor – but that doesn’t stop him from reveling in the range. Whether it’s staying in the mountains, chopping wood or sitting by the fire, Colton loves the lumberjack life and dreams of throwing on the overalls. Thanks to Make-A-Wish® Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Colton was granted his wish as his family traveled to Pigeon Forge, TN, for an authentic lumberjack adventure.

Colton and his family packed their things and hit the road, following the Appalachian chain to Gatlinburg, TN. There, they were welcomed to the Parkview Resort, a rustic cabin with a breathtaking view of the Great Smoky Mountains. During their stay, Colton and his family visited Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country waterpark, a 150-acre theme park full of southern fun and comfort. Colton was thrilled to explore the park’s amenities and down home charm. Between different shows, rides and attractions, there was something for the whole family to enjoy.

Then came time for Colton to take hold of the axe at Dolly Parton’s Lumberjack Adventure Dinner and Show. Before the show began, Colton had a special spot reserved at The Trading Post, an exciting, interactive show for lumberjacks and jills to-be. While being taken back in time to the outskirts of an energetic logging town, Colton took a hit at the log – displaying his strength as a true lumberman.

After Colton tried to tackle the timber, he and his family enjoyed an impressive production while indulging in some southern style cookin’. The show featured amazing stunts and tricks from lumberjacks, presenting shocking acts of agility and stunning aerial performances. For Colton, nothing could be better than smashed wood and taters.

After the show, Colton was inspired by their strength and decided to show off his inner logger before he left the Smokies. With a kid-size axe from his adventures and a set of overalls from Make-A-Wish volunteers, Colton posed for a photoshoot in Pigeon Forge – a perfect lookback on his dream as a lumberjack.
  • Colton admiring his new toy axe.

  • Wish kid Colton chopping wood.

  • Wish kid Colton enjoying his time as a Lumberjack.

  • Colton with his baby brother, Cayden.

  • Colton with his cousin.

  • Colton and his family.

  • Colton taking in the scenic view of the Great Smoky Mountains.

  • Colton with his parents and baby brother.

  • Colton raising his axe.

  • Colton with his cousin and grandparents.

  • Colton and his family will never forget their wonderful lumberjack adventure.

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