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Shopping To Reach Her Dreams

Krista, her volunteers and family enjoying a day of shopping

“ Krista could not stop smiling. ”

At 18-years-old, Krista is excited for her future. She dreams of becoming an English high school teacher and cannot wait to attend Slippery Rock University in the fall. With plans to enroll in online classes during the summer, Krista would need a computer of her own. Krista refused to let her diagnosis of cholangitis get in the way of her dreams. Make-A-Wish® wanted to help her reach them.

Krista checks out some electronicsKrista decided on a shopping spree for a new computer that would aid her in college, but could still be used for fun. She also asked for Steelers tickets since she loved the team, but never attended a game. On the day of her wish, a limo glided in front of her doorstep. She spent the whole ride taking pictures and feeling like a celebrity. When they arrived at Best Buy, she was more than ready to shop.

First, she picked out a sleek laptop with a protective case and a new printer. She then browsed through the DVD section, where she snatched a copy of “Breaking Dawn,” her favorite Twilight movie. She even received free school supplies in preparation for college. The rest of the money could now be used to cover her summer tuition classes.

Afterwards, Krista and her family went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. Krista ordered her favorite steak, along with a few sizzling appetizers. Krista could not stop smiling as she and her family joked and ate.

Though she could hardly wait to start using her new laptop, she asked the limo driver to “take the long way home,” so she could enjoy the entire ride back. Her future looks brilliant, from the classes she cannot wait to take to the Steelers game she will attend in the fall. Though Krista is at an age of becoming an adult, she will forever be a wish kid at heart, knowing dreams do come true.

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