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Shopping Spree Brings Back Normalcy to Christina's Life

Christina opens her new jewelry box

“ Wow. I’m going to be like the other girls at my school. ”

- Christina

Just like any 14-year-old girl, Christina from Pocono Lake, PA, loves shopping. However, unlike kids her age, Christina is diagnosed with a congenital heart anomaly, making it hard for her to lead a normal life. Make-A-Wish® and Jewelers for Children, wanting to do their part to help put some normalcy back into Christina’s life, granted her wish for a shopping spree.

The first stop of the day was ULTA, where a makeup artist came in early to give Christina a makeover and surprise her with a basket filled with gifts. In addition to a curling iron and flat iron, Christina bought a beautiful brush set, mirror, headbands, nail polish, perfume, make up and lots of other products. She also purchased a makeup chest to keep all of her new gifts organized. While admiring her new purchases, Christina said, “Wow. I’m going to be like the other girls at my school,” making everyone around her tear up.

Christina continued on to Best Buy, where she purchased an Xbox, before heading to Macy’s for new bedding. At Macy’s, Christina picked out a beautiful lavender comforter set with matching pillows for her bed. At Things Remembered, Christina purchased a gorgeous jewelry box with an engraved silver heart inside the lid. The heart read, “Christina – Wishes do come true.” Christina also bought clothes, shoes and jewelry, before heading home.

Christina and her family could not have been more appreciative for all Make-A-Wish and Jewelers for Children had done. Now, whenever Christina uses one of her new purchases, she will instantly be reminded of the amazing day her wish came true.

  • Christina with a new piece of jewelry

  • Trying on her new makeup

  • New boots for Christina!

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