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Noah Saddles Up For Cowboy Wish

  • Cowboy Noah sports a big smile

  • Noah and family arrive at the Oak Hill Farm

  • Welcome to Cowboy School, Noah!

  • Noah receives his special cowboy hat

  • Noah dressed like a real cowboy

  • Noah looks up at Cowboy Howard

  • Cowboy closeup

  • Trail rider Howard Anderson shows Noah how to lasso

  • Lassoing one of Noah's family members

  • Adjusting Noah's cowboy riding helmet

  • Noah mounts the horse

  • Ride 'em, cowboy!

  • Family and friends help Noah celebrate his wish

  • Cowboy school graduation party tent

  • Noah is ready for a Blue Bunny ice cream treat

  • Blue Bunny rep with Noah and his sister

  • Noah enjoying a Blue Bunny popsicle

  • Noah and dad

  • Noah and mom

  • Cowboys Howard and Noah with Noah's sister and Make-A-Wish staff Donna and Dana

“ He looks so happy. Noah loves the whole cowboy persona, with the chaps and everything. He just loves it. ”

- Noah's mother

Six-year-old Noah is fearless just like the cowboys he admires so much in old Westerns like Bonanza, his favorite show. Diagnosed with medulloblastoma, Noah has had quite the battle, but he has fought courageously, as any true cowboy would. When Make-A-Wish® learned of Noah's condition, they offered to grant him a wish. He wished for horseback riding lessons, but Make-A-Wish wanted to make his day even more memorable by turning him into a bona fide cowboy.

Noah riding his horseAfter lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse with his family, Noah arrived by limousine to Oak Hill Farm where he would attend "Cowboy School." Greeted by boisterous applause from family and friends, Noah began his training by dressing the part. With a quick change into true western attire, including suede chaps and a red hat, he busted through the swinging doors of the outfitters prop shop, ready for his first lesson with authentic cowboy, Howard Anderson. After a few attempts at roping a cactus, Noah and Howard walked through the stable to meet Noah's horse. Like a natural, Noah hopped right into the saddle and proudly rode his horse with his signature toothless grin stretching from ear-to-ear.

"He looks so happy," said his mother. "Noah loves the whole cowboy persona, with the chaps and everything. He just loves it." 

Noah still has a year of riding lessons to look forward to, but he will never forget his first ride. With a "Cowboy School" graduation certificate in hand, Noah strutted down from the stable to enjoy ice cream, sponsored by Blue Bunny, with his family and friends.

In a 2011 Wish Impact Study, commissioned by Make-A-Wish America, 89 percent of medical professionals say a wish experience can favorably influence a child's health. With rope and a horse in tow, it seems like Noah, indeed, is set for happy trails.

Photo credit: Kate Buckley Photography

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