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Kyrie's New Dresses Take Her Back in Time

Kyrie dresses like the heroines in her favorite 1800s time period movies and novels

“ Thank you SOO much for making my wish come true! ”

- Kyrie

Fourteen-year-old Kyrie took a trip back in time when she was granted her wish: to own an elegant 1800s wardrobe. For her age, an interest in this subject may seem a bit out of the ordinary, but Kyrie is an extraordinary young gal with a passion for old fashion. She holds a heaping amount of knowledge of the happenings in this era, making this wish particularly exceptional. Instead of spending hours on a computer or cell phone, Kyrie would prefer to pass the time reading historical Civil War books or watching films like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. For such a pretty, young girl, she possesses a stunning old soul.

Kyrie's father esxorts her to her wish reveal party in a Civil War uniformKyrie made a list of her most sought-out styles from the 1800s fashion eras, and to her surprise, she received each of her requests, plus much more. In the community room of her church, there was a small stage set for her to make a darling debut of each design she wore. Family and friends gathered to pose for pictures while Kyrie displayed the dazzling attires. Guests enjoyed an evening filled with delightful goodies, drinks, and of course, the gorgeous girl of the hour!

Each dress was so elegantly expressed on Kyrie, as she embodied the true essence of a woman from that era. Her first outfit worn was a stunning white and green plaid dress. She paired it with an early-Victorian style parasol, classy shoes, glamorous white gloves, and even the traditional undergarments. Alongside was her father, who escorted her to the stage costumed as a Civil War Soldier. Next, she wore a yellow, summer-style dress detailed with a beautiful bow at the waist. She topped it off with a sun hat, decorated with sweet, golden flowers. Finally, she stole the show dressed in a formal, flourished lace-edged dress with an evening headdress to accompany it. It was a pretty production of the past!

Although this day was the closest moment Kyrie had to living the history of the 1800s, it was her future that was affected the most. She was given luxurious 1800s-style pieces: dresses, gloves, hats, and headdresses. When she created each of those outfits, styles from the past helped her find hope in a fashionable future.

  • Kyrie poses in a 19th century style dress

  • Kyrie arrives at her wish party

I love my new wardrobe... Much more than I was expecting! ”

— Kyrie

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Jo Sgro

What a nice story! Kyrie you look like you stepped right out of a magazine or movie set! best wishes for your good health and continue to dazzle them!

January 17, 2015 - 6:09 PM

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