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A Fairytale Wish

Nikita enjoying her new room

“ Just like a fairy godmother, Make-A-Wish stepped in to make Nikita's fondest wish a reality. ”

Princess Nikita's Bedroom is Tranformed into a Castle

Princess Nikita with her flowers after she drops a letter off in the Macy's Believe mailboxOnce upon a time, a beautiful girl named Nikita wanted to live like a princess. Diagnosed with refractory and intractable epilepsy, seven-year-old Nikita wondered if her dreams to be like the princesses in her favorite stories and cartoons would ever come true. Just like a fairy godmother, Make-A-Wish® stepped in to make her fondest wish a reality.  Nikita, who lives in the fair land of McKeesport, PA, eagerly leapt at the chance to have her room made fit for a princess.

After being dressed in a beautiful gown, Princess Nikita and her family arrived at Macy’s, where attendants cheered for her as she entered the store on the red carpet.  Nikita was showered with flowers and special gifts fit for royalty, including a pretty pink unicorn.  Then it was time for her makeover, exclusive meeting with Santa Claus and a feast given in her honor at the Tic Toc restaurant. 

Now that Nikita looked like a princess, having her room redecorated was the last step before her princess training was complete.  Once her room was completely renovated, a party was thrown for the big reveal. As soon as the door swung open, Princess Nikita ran into her room and was awestruck with her brand new princess bedroom. She was absolutely thrilled and could not wait to jump on her new bed and look through all of her new belongings. Some of the walls were elegantly painted to resemble a beautiful castle fortress that gave the room a whimsical and mystical feeling. New furniture adorned the room with a regal style that perfectly fit Nikita's princess vision. Decorations provided the final touches that completed Nikita's royal bedroom.

To celebrate her wish-come-true, the princess enjoyed a royal party, complete with pizza and cake, with her family, friends and wish volunteers. As she enjoyed the party and explored all of the new features in her room, a smile came across her face that that clearly showed her happiness. Princess Nikita, despite the struggles she faces with her illness, is now right at home in her new castle room and is sure to live happily ever after.

  • Macy's gives Princess Nikita a royal makeover

  • Nikita receives a pink unicorm from Santa

  • Nikita enjoying her new room

  • Nikita and her friends enjoy relaxing on her new bed

  • Nikita relaxes in her new room with her wish volunteers

  • The princess takes a seat in her new royal bed chamber

  • Nikita's volunteers present her with a special princess cake

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