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A Day to Say 'I Can Do This'

Pearl holding her new panda bear, Apple Jacks

“ Wishes help kids like Pearl feel less isolated and more empowered to take back control of their lives. ”

Because of her cancer diagnosis and treatments, eight-year-old Pearl has many restrictions on what she can do. She can't travel, swim in a public pool, ride in an airplane or go on a roller coaster. She can't even play near other kids for too long so she doesn't risk getting sick. But Make-A-Wish gave her the opportunity to do something she can -- shop to her heart's content.

Pearl beside her new friendPearl awoke bright and early one Sunday for a magical day of shopping .  As she peered out her window, a limo pulled up, ready to take Pearl anywhere her heart desired.   Her first stop on her shopping spree was Walmart so she could purchase electronics and toys to keep her entertained on days when she has to play inside. She loaded her cart with a new laptop, Wii game console and television.  Pearl also found a new swing set for her backyard.  But the highlight of her shopping spree was yet to come. 

At Build-A-Bear Workshop, Pearl, her sister and her brothers each selected a bear.  Pearl picked out several outfits for her new panda bear, who she named Apple Jacks.  But she had a special request -- she wanted to wish her cancer away on the heart of her new Build-A-Bear buddy.  Family and friends were touched as Pearl made her wish.

To end her magical day, Pearl headed to Chuck E. Cheese in Bridgeville, PA -- her first time at a restaurant.  Pearl was so excited she didn't know whether to eat or play games.   Plenty of pizza and soft drinks were on the house as Chuck E. himself greeted this glowing wish kid.

Pearl's wish day was a firsts and a day of hope. Pearl didn't worry about the restrictions of her illness.  Instead, it was a day to feel like a normal kid again, to focus on what she can do and to wish her cancer away.  

  • Ready for some shopping

  • Pearl and her family in front of the limo

  • Pearl by the computers in Walmart

  • Pearl making her Build-A-Bear buddy

  • Pearl gave Apple Jacks a pretty dress

  • Pearl and her siblings hold up their Build-A-Bear creations

  • Pearl meets Chuck E.

  • Pearl plays video games at Chuck E. Cheese

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