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Chloe's Smiles for Miles

  • Chloe and her family enjoying the Pittsburgh scenery.

  • Chloe with her family on the bike trail.

“ Chloe's wish of an [adaptive] bike has given her so much joy! ”

- Chloe's Mom

Fifteen-year-old Chloe, from Pittsburgh, PA, knows all too well what it means to push through an uphill battle. Due to her life-threatening genetic disorder, Chloe has spent a lot of time in the hospital for treatments and doctors’ visits. That’s why, any chance she can get, Chloe loves to spend time in the sunshine. So when Chloe was qualified to receive a wish, she knew exactly what she wanted – an adaptive bike so she could ride along with her family, truly making her hill a little easier to climb.

Chloe PictureWhile Make-A-Wish coordinators and volunteers searched for the perfect bike for Chloe, her anticipation grew with each passing day. The thought of having a bicycle that accommodated her specific needs gave Chloe a new kind of freedom, one that was worth the wait. So when the day finally arrived and her new ride was revealed, Chloe was ready to put her excitement into gear.

Chloe’s sparkling silver bicycle is everything she could have dreamed of. It features a yellow wheelchair body with blue seat cushions, molded foot supports and a four-point harness to ensure Chloe stays comfortable and safe. But that’s not all – Chloe will always have her family by her side with an adult rear-mounted tandem seat. Its electric power assist allows either of Chloe’s parents to pedal easily, no matter the terrain. The whole family kicked off Chloe’s wish with a cycle through the city, taking in the views of downtown Pittsburgh.

Chloe taking a nice stroll through the park.

"Chloe's wish of an [adaptive] bike has given her so much joy! We used to ride frequently before she became too tall to fit safely into her pull-along carrier. Having the bike has made us realize how much we all missed it. Chloe, her dog (Petey), her dad and I have been riding on the Riverfront Trail, and she happily waves at every person who crosses our path." - Chloe's mom

For wish kids like Chloe, there are often bumps in the road, but with her new bike, she is sure to have smiles for miles.

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