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Avria and Aubrey's Whimsical Wishes

  • Avria was excited to see her play set.

  • Sisters Avria and Aubrey, cut the ribbon of the newly created play set.

  • Aubrey and Avria meet Mickey Mouse.

  • Aubrey and Avria clowning around in Orlando, Fl.

“ Together, they found that wishes do come true! ”

Three-year-old wish twins Avria and Aubrey, of Jeanette, PA, both love the movies Frozen and Tangled, yet when it comes to their own princess fairy tales, they have different visions. Avria, who is diagnosed with a congenital immune system disease, dreamed for an outdoor play set that resembles a princess castle. Her sister Aubrey, who shares the same diagnosis, wished to visit the enchanted Walt Disney World® Resort and take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of SeaWorld. To alleviate the stress of their daily medical struggles, Make-A-Wish® granted both sisters a magical wish experience that gave them a chance to live out their fairy tales.

Avria's brand new play set.

Avria was ecstatic when she walked outside of her home on a warm summer day and saw her new outdoor set in the backyard. She was ready to slide into some fun and couldn’t wait to try out the rock wall, swings and bars. Avria, whose favorite animals are monkeys, was up for the challenge of not slipping on the monkey bars. Her new play set provided the perfect opportunity for the sisters to create new outdoor adventures together, right in the comfort of their own backyard.

Aubrey, Avria and parents meet Goofy.Just a few months later, Aubrey and her family were ready to escape the cool temperatures of Pennsylvania for the sunny skies of Orlando, FL. Upon arrival, the family stayed at Give Kids the World Village, a fairytale resort for kids just like Aubrey and Avria that features a gingerbread house restaurant and Ice Cream Palace. During her stay, the family had the opportunity to visit multiple Disney theme parks, including Universal Studios, Epcot® and the enchanted Magic Kingdom®, where the sisters met their favorite Disney characters. Aubrey, who loves fish and dolphins, was amazed by the aquatic animals on her behind-the-scenes tour of SeaWorld.

Avria and Aubrey were given the special opportunity to have their wishes come true together, which is a truly magical experience for any siblings. Now, as the duo plays on the outdoor set and remembers their unforgettable trip, they will give each other hope and strength as they face their health challenges together.

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