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A Barbie Girl in Barbie's World

Amelia presenting her own personalized Barbie doll

“ A special day to 'just be a kid.' ”

Amelia's Wish Comes True for a Personalized Barbie Doll

Touring the Mattel factory, having a personalized Barbie doll and being surrounded by everything pink...that was seven-year-old Amelia’s dream.  This special wish kid, who is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, was in a young girl’s paradise when Make-A-Wish® flew her to the Barbie headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

Amelia holding up her new Barbie dollDuring her big wish day, Amelia and her entourage of family and volunteers met Tammy, one of Barbie’s designers and their tour guide. She presented Amelia with an adorable Barbie necklace to start their tour. Amelia met many of the Barbie designers on her tour who do everything from make-up to clothing. Amelia was allowed to play with the computer program that aids in the design process. While the girls learned about Barbie, Amelia’s dad and brother were even given a toured the Hot Wheels and Mattel action figures headquarters.

After the tour, Amelia and her family were taken to a conference room decorated with pink balloons, Amelia’s favorite color. In the back of the room there were boxes and boxes of Barbie dolls, games, dream houses, clothing, and other Barbie items. Amelia squealed with delight when she found out they were all for her. Finally, it was time for the big reveal. Hiding under a pink cloth in a special protective case was a doll that looked just like Amelia. Everyone celebrated Amelia’s wish-come-true with a lunch that included  all of Amelia’s favorite foods like pizza and popcorn. They were joined by all of the designers and friends Amelia had made during her tour and each one brought another gift for Amelia.

Thanks to supporters like you, this young girl got the chance to have her fondest wish fulfilled and the chance to forget about her illness. It was a special day to “just be a kid.”

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Amelia Fortunato

OMG THAT GIRL IS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have that barbie!

December 30, 2013 - 6:44 PM

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