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A Birthday Party to Remember

Deyna is serenaded by a mariachi band

“ Deyna became a woman in the eyes of her family and friends with the perfect Decimoctavo fiesta... ”

Deyna Celebrates Her 18th Birthday with a Special “Quinceañera” Style Fiesta

To mark their 15th birthday, Hispanic girls like wish kid Deyna of Reading, PA, have special Quinceañera celebrations, which include a huge party with family and friends to celebrate their passage into adulthood. Unfortunately, Deyna, who is diagnosed with sideroblastic anemia, was unable to have a Quinceañera celebration because of her illness. So when she had the chance to be granted a special wish from Make-A-Wish®, she knew a Decimoctavo fiesta, or 18th birthday party, would be the perfect wish.

In preparation for her special day, Deyna and the members of her court spent hours rehearsing the entry waltz and a surprise dance with a choreographer. Deyna was then pampered at a salon and finally, the night before the party, Deyna, her friends, and family headed to the reception hall to make sure every detail for the party was in place.

After weeks of anticipation and planning, the day for Deyna's wish finally arrived. She was so nervous that she hardly ate a thing all day. With her hair curled in perfect ringlets, it was finally time for the guest of honor to put on her special blue dress.

Deyna in her special gownDeyna and her court, or chambelanes, made their way in a limo to the church for the celebratory Mass at St. Peter the Apostle Church in Reading, PA. When she arrived, she was surprised to see a mariachi band there to serenade her. During the Mass, the priest spoke about the importance of the support of family and friends. She was presented with the traditional quinceañera gifts of a Bible, ring, bracelet and charm necklace.

After the Mass, it was time for the party to start. Two hundred and fifty of Deyna's friends and family arrived at the beautifully decorated reception hall. Deyna and her chambelanes waltzed into the hall, and Deyna also had a special dance with her father. Deyna and her court also did a non-traditional dance to a popular song with glow sticks and one person dancing like a robot. The crowd went wild for Deyna and her court.

Deyna danced the night away with all of her guests, but the night would not have been complete without the traditional elements of a Quinceañera. Seated on her throne, Deyna received a pair of high heels, which represented her entrance into adulthood, from her parents. Deyna is sure to always remember her special day. Even though it was later than most girls, Deyna became a woman in the eyes of her family and friends with the perfect Decimoctavo fiesta and had her dream come true.

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