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Tea for Two

Chloe enjoys a tea party with WWE Superstar John Cena

“ I'm sure she will remember this for the rest of her life. ”

- Chloe's uncle

Not many people can top seven-year-old Chloe’s love for popular WWE Superstar John Cena. Whenever his music plays, she dances and cheers while singing, “That’s my Cena, that’s my Cena!”

Chloe holds up one of John Cena's belt bucklesWhen given the opportunity to be granted her most heartfelt wish, Chloe immediately knew what to do: pack her suitcase so she could be ready to meet her hero.  Not only did she want to meet her favorite WWE Superstar, she wanted to have a tea party with him.  She took extra care to make certain she remembered to pack the most essential item -- her new tea set that she had purchased especially for this occasion. 

When Chloe and John first met, she was slightly nervous, but only until John asked Chloe if she would join him for a tea party.  From that moment on, the two new friends chatted effortlessly as if they were lifelong pals.  Then, suddenly, Chloe noticed that John had forgotten the most important part of any respectable tea party – he didn’t have his pinky up.  John, of course, made sure to keep his pinky in proper teatime position for the rest of their time spent together. 

After their tea party, John prepared for his WWE match, which Chloe excitedly watched him win.  This day spent witnessing John Cena's strength and resolve will give Chloe the courage and resilience to put up a strong fight against her medical condition.

  • Chloe makes sure John Cena has his pinky up in proper tea time position

  • Cheers

  • A big hug for Chloe

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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