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Never Give Up

Jonny with his sports hero John Cena

“ John Cena inspires kids to "never give up." ”

When seven-year-old Jonathan, or Jonny, as he prefers to be called, watches his favorite wrestler, John Cena, he gains the strength to fight against his life-threatening health complications.

In his short life, Jonny, of Hop-Bottom, PA, has had to endure a number of challenges, including many surgeries. Throughout his hard times, one voice remains constant in Jonny’s mind -- John Cena saying “never give up.” When he was given the freedom to choose his wish, Jonny wanted to finally meet his hero.

Cenation!Jonny was transformed into a celebrity during his wish experience. He was amazed when he arrived in New York City with his family to watch his favorite WWE show, RAW. When he met the Superstar, he forgot about all his health concerns and instead flashed a smile for the film crew. Not only was it a special moment for Jonny, but it was also a special moment for John Cena, as Jonny was his 300th wish child. John and Jonny became fast friends, sharing their experiences and challenges with each other. 

During the show, Jonny and his family were able to see all the action up-close in their ring-side seats. Jonny took in every minute, focusing on each unique move the Superstars made. He felt like he could relate to John Cena in the ring, as Jonny battles his opponent -- his medical condition -- every day. Like John Cena, Jonny draws strength from overcoming his weaknesses and uses it to persevere through his trials.

The next day, Jonny visited the set of Good Morning America, where he met John Cena once more. Except this time, Jonny was not the one lavishing his favorite Superstar with attention. All eyes were focused on him, an amazing wish kid who fights against his odds. John Cena gave Jonny the greatest gift of all, tickets to come back and see the 1,000th episode of WWE RAW. Jonny was ecstatic and could not wait for the future. His wish had exceeded his expectations, giving him renewed confidence to face his struggles, and above all, a new friend.

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