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Mangia! Mangia! Josie Makes Pizza with Giada DeLaurentiis

Josie and her family make pizza with Giada De Laurentiis

“ The memories made will last a lifetime. ”

- Josie's family

While most three-year-olds are reading Dr. Seuss books and watching cartoons, Josie reads Giada De Laurentiis cookbooks and watches Everyday Italian on the Food Network. When she was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, cooking Giada recipes in the kitchen with her family became a much-needed escape from reality and treatments. For her wish, Josie made pizza -- with Giada herself.

On Josie's wish day, she was on the edge of her seat.  She could barely contain her excitement as she arrived at Giada's new restaurant at the Cromwell in Las Vegas.   The restaurant was closed to the public for her wish and even had its own escalator, making Josie and her family feel like VIPs as they made their way up. When Giada came out from the kitchen, Josie's face lit up. After taking photos in the lobby of the restaurant, Giada and Josie made their way to the wood fire oven where they made pizzas together. Then it was time for dessert -- homemade ice cream sandwiches and cookies -- and a chance to spend time talking with her favorite chef.  Before the meeting ended, Giada signed Josie's and her sister's aprons and Josie's favorite book, a Giada cookbook. Later that day, this glowing wish kid and her family were invited back to Giada's restaurant for a delicious Italian "cena."

Josie now has more than TV shows and cookbooks to give her inspiration -- she can now look through photos and signed memorabilia and fondly remember the day when she got to meet her favorite chef face to face.  Josie's mother said, "If our greatest wish and miracle comes true, Josie will be a very talented chef one day."

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