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All Aboard

Nathan meets Thomas the Tank Engine

“ Seeing Nathan get so excited to see Thomas! It was amazing! ”

- Nathan's mom

Nathan's dad holds him up on his shoulders as they walk over to meet ThomasAll aboard! Nathan is a happy and energetic five-year-old boy who has a passion for trains. Despite Nathan’s life-threatening neurological condition that has required multiple surgeries, he is the conductor of his own life, choosing to brighten the lives of so many others who pass across his tracks.

When Nathan learned he would be receiving a wish, he knew exactly the type of wish he wanted. Not only does Nathan love anything involving trains but he also is specifically enthralled with Thomas the Tank Engine. Taking a child’s passion and creating a wish experience from it is one of the goals of the Make-A-Wish® team. By providing Nathan with a wish that included all of his favorite things, Make-A-Wish gave him hope, strength, joy and a positive outlook on life.

For his wish, Nathan and his family went on a trip to Bird-In-Hand, PA to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the railroad museum in town. While in Bird-In-Hand, Nathan explored the little town and spent some quality time with his family soaking in everything relative to trains and railroads. When Nathan first saw the Thomas the Tank Engine train, he let out a huge exciting squeal and his mouth broke into a huge grin. He felt the true magic of his wish.

Nathan also enjoyed his favorite lunch on the Strasburg Dining car. He was completely mesmerized by being aboard the moving train that his family could barely get him to eat his food. Nathan also picked out a few souvenir trains to take home with him at the gift shop.

Nathan and his family loved touring all the railroad museums in the town. Everywhere they went, Nathan was wearing the biggest smile on his face. This trip allowed the whole family to feel weightless and alive, enjoying every second of being free from worry. 

Thomas smiles as he gets his photo taken with the conductor

He talks about wanting to go back to the “hairtel,” see Thomas and go “wimming” soon. Such a relaxing fun time to just be a family and not worry. Thank you! ”

— Nathan's mom

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