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What Can A Child Wish For?

The child's imagination is always the driving force in determining, designing and coordinating a life-altering wish experience.

While most wish requests fall into five major categories, the possibilities are endless because wish kids are so creative and inspired by the chance to have a wish experience:

  • I wish to go …
    Some Make-A-Wish® kids want to travel to their favorite theme park, while others want to visit an exotic beach, go on a cruise, see snow for the first time or attend a major sporting event or concert.
  • I wish to be …
    Children search the depths of their imagination when they wish to be someone for a day – a fireman, a police officer, a model or a superhero.
  • I wish to meet …
    Around 1,000 wish kids each year meet their favorite athlete, recording artist, television personality, movie star, politician or other public figure.
  • I wish to have …
    Children sometimes wish for a special gift, such as a computer, a tree house, a shopping spree or something they have wanted for a long time.
  • I wish to give …
    Some wish kids use their wish to make the world better – raising funds, helping improve their school or celebrating a holiday for their family are just a few of the ways wish kids have helped others.

  • Amelia, I wish to have a personalized Barbie doll!

  • Angela, I wish to be a model!

  • Anthony, I wish to have a shopping spree!

  • Avery, I wish to meet Princess Ariel in Walt Disney World!

  • Domenic, I wish to go to Hawaii to see a volcano!

  • Gabby, I wish to be a Harvard Medical School student!

  • Halle, I wish to go on a Disney Cruise Line adventure!

  • Jeffrey, I wish to go to the Grand Cayon!

  • Jonathon, I wish to go deep sea fishing!

  • Justin, I wish to have a piano!

  • Maria, I wish to have a Shar-Pei puppy!

  • Michael, I wish to be a superhero!

  • Nikita, I wish to have a princess bedroom makeover!

  • Zack, I wish to have a T-Rex dinosaur!

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