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Mar 10, 2015

One Year Since My Wish

Francesca walks the red carpet during LA Style Week
Today marks one year since Francesca became a Glamour Magazine fashion blogger for her wish. For Francesca, who is diagnosed with brain stem glioma, her wish gave her hope for a brighter future. Now an intern at our Pittsburgh office, Francesca is helping to share the Make-A-Wish mission with others. We're thrilled to have her as a member of our marketing/communications team.

When I was first referred to be a wish kid, I struggled with making a decision, purely to my own, selfish desires…because what I truly wanted, to be cured, was unattainable. As many other sick kids can probably agree, it is awfully difficult to be in the spotlight for such a dark reason. Little did I realize, the special attention was exactly what I needed in order to lift up my spirits. When I was granted my wish to blog for Glamour magazine at Style LA Fashion Week, I was fortunate enough to have my family in the front row seat to my fashion fantasy.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish, I flew from PA to LA, where I sat in the front row at numerous fashion shows, got all dolled up back stage, met stylist Rachel Zoe, and received many glamorous goodies. As a gal who has a passion for both writing and fashion, it was a match made in heaven while in the City of Angels. This exciting experience is something that I will never forget for all of my tomorrows.

For me, Make-A-Wish is the epitome of hope. By having my wish granted, I was able to find faith in a better tomorrow. I finally felt like I was more than just my diagnosis; I was an evolving story, one that is far from ending, and one that I shall surely share. I was inspired to dream bigger than ever before and not fall to the fears that I so frequently faced. On the plane ride back after a week’s bliss, it then occurred to me that I had a lot of living and loving left to do. I may be going home…but I know I’m going places, too.

From the moment I got the call that I was qualified to receive a wish, I felt an overwhelming need to give back. I knew that I was going to be volunteering for Make-A-Wish or involved in some way, for the rest of my life. Now, almost a year later, I couldn’t be happier to have become a part of the same team that granted me such hope in my time of despair. I am a marketing communications intern, where I write wish stories, create press releases, participate in outreach campaigns… and many more wonders of the wish world! 

Francesca as a Make-A-Wish intern one year after her wish

Francesca as a Make-A-Wish marketing intern one year after her wish

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