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Wish Wednesday: Photos Worth a Thousand Words

Tyler get a lick from his new puppy, Bruce
Ever since Joseph Nicephore Niepce made the first photographic image with a camera obscura on a summer day in 1827, photos have been a way of capturing special moments in time -- moments to be cherished. They tell a story in a way that words never could -- capturing the emotion of a person during a milestone event or the beauty of a scene that the photographer doesn't want forgotten.

At Make-A-Wish, photos help tell our story. The story of kids and their families who have been through unimaginable challenges experiencing hope, strength and joy that once seemed out of reach. No matter how we can try to describe the impact of a wish, nothing expresses it better than a photo of a joyful kid with a smile that goes from ear to ear or a photo of a family enjoying each other's company and having a chance to forget about their worries for the first time in months or maybe even years.

In honor of National Photography Month, here are just some of our favorite photos that truly convey the impact of a wish.

Taylor and her sister have the time of their life

Taylor:  Utter joy.  That describes the look of Taylor (right) and her sister as they ride a roller coaster at Walt Disney World®.

Looks of joy and surprise as Trevin's wish is revealed by Darth Vader and two Storm Troopers  Trevin amazed that his wish is coming true

Trevin:  The look on Trevin's face when he finds out his wish is coming true for a trip to Star Wars Weekend in Walt Disney World® is a true testament to the power of Make-A-Wish.

Avery is awestruck a hug from her favorite princess, Ariel.

Avery: An awestruck Avery receives a hug from her favorite princess Ariel.

Micks runs through the fireworks!

Michael:  “You can be assured that for years and years hence, Michael, and his family will think back fondly to the time when he was the number one player of an incredible professional sports franchise.  What a gift we have been given!”

-Michael's family

Michael was granted his wish to be a member of the Pittsburgh Power arena football team.

Chloe enjoys a tea party with WWE Superstar John Cena

Chloe: A WWE Superstar having a tea party with a young girl named Chloe fighting a life-threatening neurological disorder.  Priceless.

The family hanging out with the characters from Seussland

Brendan:  Brendan and his family enjoying time together as they experience fairy tales come to life.

Michael as Beetle Boy

Michael:  Every Make-A-Wish child is a superhero, courageously fighting their medical conditions, including Michael.

Jeffrey and his family at the Grand Canyon

Jeffrey:  The joy of feeling like a normal family again during a vacation to the Grand Canyon that was "amazing beyond belief," according to Jeffrey's family.    

Cowboy Noah sports a big smile

Noah: Six-year-old Noah, who wished for horseback riding lessons, is transformed into a cowboy.

Zack the palentologist with Meaty, his T-rex dinosau  Zack, now 12 years old, hopes to create a lasting memory for other kids 

Zack: Zack's wish for a T-rex gave him the hope and strength to battle cancer. 

Trevin amazed that his wish is coming true

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