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Jul 11, 2013

Leaving Work With a Smile

Lydia, Owen and Mya
Erie Regional Director Jan Stork shares the story of three young philanthropists

As regional director of the Erie Regional Office of Make-A-Wish, my job is rewarding every day.  I get the opportunity to work with amazing wish families, philanthropic donors and truly wonderful volunteers.  I leave work every day with a smile on my face.  And some days, I also have a skip in my step because of something extraordinary that happens that day.

Yesterday, July 10th, was one of those days that I left with a huge smile and a skip in my step.  And it was all due to three adorable children who dropped off a donation of $1,250.  The three children, Lydia, Owen and Mya, recently turned three-years-old.  Their mothers, who all work together and gave birth to the kids within a month of each other, called about two months ago with the idea of asking the kids’ friends to make a donation to Make-A-Wish in lieu of birthday gifts.  Realizing that their kids already had “everything they needed,” they all agreed that instilling the lesson of giving back to other children would be a present they could give to themselves and to our wish kids.

While the amount is extremely generous, what I found most impressive were the kids and their parents.  In an age of over-abundance, these children are learning that it feels good to help others.  They will soon receive a letter detailing the wish of another three-year-old child whose wish they are helping to fund…a child they don’t know, and most likely will never meet.  But I know from meeting Lydia, Owen and Mya that they will soon be telling their friends and family all about “their wish child,” and sharing the power of a wish.  And perhaps they will inspire other young people to follow their lead by putting a smile on other children’s faces – children who need to smile, laugh and play – just like Lydia, Owen and Mya.  May their third birthday be the beginning of an amazing year.

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