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Ivy takes the Stage

Ivy hanging out in Time Square.

“ It makes me so happy that someone would grant my wish! ”

- Ivy

When 12-year-old Ivy learned she was qualified to receive a wish, she was not going to throw away her shot to see the musical of her favorite soundtrack, “Hamilton.”

“She had been listening to the soundtrack for about a year,” Ivy’s mom said. “She really enjoys the music and the story.”

Ivy’s mom said that she listens to “Hamilton” music when she’s hanging out in her room, doing dishes, in the car – pretty much anytime, all the time. It’s something that helps her get through the harder days.

“She is just a wonderful little person who has been through some things that are traumatic,” Ivy’s mom said.

Ivy is diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that often leads to flare-ups, putting her in the hospital for treatment. She could be doing well one day, and then suffering the next.

That’s why it meant so much to her to see her daughter’s wish come true.

Ivy and her whole family traveled to the city that never sleeps to catch the live Broadway production of “Hamilton,” the musical based on the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Ivy’s eyes were beaming with excitement from the moment they walked into the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

“During the show, we kept looking at her and she was just grinning,” Ivy’s mom said. “It was really nice to see something make her so happy.”

And that excitement only continued.

After taking in the show, singing along to all the songs, and admiring the production and costumes, Ivy was invited backstage to meet some of the cast members. She chatted with the actors, posed for pictures and even sang a song with them.

“It was magical,” Ivy’s mom said. “You can do anything in New York. This trip opened her up to so many different experiences and so many different cultures.”

Ivy said that this is an experience she will never forget.

“It makes me so happy that someone would grant my wish,” Ivy said. “We all had a lot of fun.”

Ivy still listens to the soundtrack all the time, but now, it isn’t just music she plays in her bedroom. It’s a life-changing experience she plays back in her head, always remembering her wish that came true in the big city. It reminds Ivy that she isn’t always limited by her illness, and there are endless possibilities for her to explore.

There are more kids like Ivy who need the power of a wish. You can help them start their wish journey when you refer a child, volunteer or donate to Make-A-Wish.

  • Ivy and her family at the airport ready to begin her wish trip.

  • Ivy hanging out in Time Square.

  • Ivy and her family take their seats before the performance begins.

  • Along with seeing the show, Ivy also had a chance to go backstage to me the cast of talented performers.

  • Ivy meets some the cast members of the show.

  • Ivy meeting with more of the cast.

  • Ivy and her family take a stroll through Coney Island.

  • Ivy excited to see all the attractions at Coney Island.

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