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A Slam Dunk

Cameron meets favorite Duke basketball player Seth Curry

“ For Cameron and his family, it was a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience that they will always remember. ”

Cameron’s Wish to Tour the Duke Basketball Training Facility Comes True

Though diagnosed with intractable epilepsy, 11-year-old Cameron from Erie, PA, is energetic, active, and a huge sports fan. Basketball, however, is his absolute favorite. Once Duke University’s Blue Devils are on screen, Cameron follows their every move on TV. It’s as if he is right in the stadium, watching the Blue Devils compete.

Make-A-Wish® wanted to make that a reality. On Christmas morning, Cameron discovered that he and his family were going to tour the Duke Basketball training facility the following week, just as he had wished. It was an unbelievable Christmas present.

After boarding a plane, Cameron and his family arrived at their hotel, where they received the wish kid privilege of a room upgrade. The next day, they traveled to the basketball arena. Working through the crowd, Cameron finally found their seats. They were center court, front row, and right behind the scorer’s table. It was a huge upgrade from his seat at home.

When the game began, Cameron cheered as his favorite team made shot after shot. Cameron’s eyes were fastened to the players darting across the court and playing seamlessly together. When the Blue Devils won, Cameron could not stop grinning.

The family was invited to the press conference and then received a tour of the Cameron Indoor Center by Coach Kryzewski’s daughter. Wide-eyed, Cameron shook hands with the very players he watched perform. His dream had become larger than life.

The family declared that day a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience that they will always remember. When asked to describe his experience in one word, Cameron said with a big smile, “Amazing.” He had supported his team in person, held the hands of his sports heroes, and formed long-lasting memories. For wish kids like Cameron, those memories are victories in themselves.

Cameron checks out the Duke Basketball Court

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