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May 06, 2015

What Make-A-Wish Means to Moms

Make-A-Wish moms
As Case enjoyed a wonderful week in Walt Disney World ®, his mom had flashbacks to the hardest times of his life, grateful for a week of memories with her four-year-old son diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic condition.

“I watched his sisters and the joy they experienced during our week of magic and remembered their tears, their frustrations while I was at the hospital with their brother, their fears of what he'll have to go through next,” wrote his mom on the Facebook page, A Very Special Case. “It's such a heart tugging, joy making, blessing counting experience we will NEVER FORGET.”

Case with his mom and sisterCase’s mom, Elisabeth, says there are no emotions to describe the wish experience from start to end.  The same is true for other Make-A-Wish moms.    These moms have gone through unimaginable circumstances.  I can only imagine the feeling of hearing that a child is diagnosed with cancer or a life-threatening heart condition.  But through the most difficult challenges, these wish moms show strength, fortitude, compassion and perseverance as they are with their child, side by side.

That’s where Make-A-Wish steps in.  Make-A-Wish gives families, moms included, a chance to forget about the worries of their child’s condition and enjoy a fun time together as a family. In fact, 98 percent of parents felt the wish experience gave them the opportunity to be a “normal” family again. An overwhelming majority of parents observe their children’s anxieties or fears subside and feel their own decreased sense of isolation after staying at the hospital with their child, away from family and friends.

One of the favorite parts of my job is reading and sharing the first-person testimonials of wish parents who have seen their greatest worries turned into pure joy.

“Shawn has been in and out of the hospital since he was born,” wrote wish mom Lisa.    “Shawn has been through so much in his short, precious life. When you see an innocent child suffer the way Shawn has, it makes you question everyone and everything.  But our experience with Make-A-Wish and Give Kids the World Village has helped to restore our faith in humanity.”

Jacob and his family arrive at LEGO headquartersMake-A-Wish serves as a helping hand to moms when they need it the most, giving their child something positive to focus on amidst times of trial. LaRandi’s mom said her daughter’s Walt Disney World wish was “not only a vacation, but therapy also for the body and mind.”  The mom of wish kid Jacob, who wished to go to the LEGO Headquarters, also told us that she couldn’t stop smiling she was so happy for her son.

“So what does it look like when a wish comes true?  It looks like kindness,” wrote Jacob’s mom. “When you see it, it hits you hard, right in the chest, and it makes your eyes water.  It looks like a young boy beaming with fierce joy, eyes shining, happy and alive.”

Best wishes to all of our wish moms for a wonderful Mother’s Day!  

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