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Robert Morris University Make-A-Wish® Games

RMU Wish Game Day Header Image
On Sunday, April 17, it was all smiles and fun on a beautiful sunny afternoon as Team Red took on Team Blue in this year’s thrilling Make-A-Wish® Games. Athletes and students from all over the hilly campus of Robert Morris University banded together to show their support for Make-A-Wish on the front lawn of the Nicholson Center. This first ever event was organized by the Robert Morris University Women’s Basketball Team.
  • Wish Kids Brianna and Anya strike a pose with members of the Robert Morris University Women's Basketball Team.

  • RMU Students prepare for Brianna and Anya's arrival.

  • Blue Team Captain, Anya, on campus with RMU students.

  • Red Team Captain, Brianna, with her fellow team members.

  • Wish kid Anya holding her "thank you" banner from the students of Robert Morris University.

  • Both teams got ready on the lawn of the Nicholson Center to go over game plans.

  • Wish kid Brianna is all smiles at this year's Make-A-Wish® Game Day at Robert Morris University.

  • The Red Team and Blue Team face-off in a fierce push-up competition.

The teams were led by wish kids Brianna, honorary captain of the Red Team, and Anya, honorary captain of the Blue Team. Competitors on both teams divided into four stations, which consisted of jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups and squat jumps. For the first half, each member would compete at two stations at two different seven minute intervals with the goal of accumulating the most of each exercise. They would each compete at the other two stations in the second half.

After a tight first half, each captain spoke to their teams with words of encouragement and strategy to push their team to a second half victory. Both Anya and Brianna spoke to members of the press of how much fun they were having and how they both believed their team would be able to pull through for a win. Both teams were soon back at it, trying to make their captains proud. But unfortunately, there could be only one winner; it was a fierce competition that ended with the Blue Team edging out the Red Team in a jumping jacks tiebreaker for all the marbles. The always energetic and joyful Red Team captain, Brianna, described her team's efforts as “brave,” and she thanked each and every member of her team for “being the best.”

The more soft-spoken, but just as joyful and inspirational Blue Team captain, Anya, had the keys to victory with her motivating halftime rhetoric.

The main inspiration for both teams was the bravery and heart both Anya and Brianna have shown through everything they have gone through. The game day as a whole taught all the competitors that no matter what happens in life, win or lose, to always look past their challenges and see the truly amazing things in everyday moments. Whether it was Brianna dancing to the beat of the music with the members of the Robert Morris Women’s basketball team or Anya handing out MVP awards to those who inspired her as much as she inspired them, these two girls are what made the Make-A-Wish Games something truly special.

Many of these athletes live with the constant competition to be better than the other person, but this day was about enjoying good times and good food with good people.

While the annual Make-A-Wish Games have now come to an end, we hope to see the impact of this event for years to come.

-Article by Samuel Anthony, Assistant Sports Editor at Robert Morris University Sentry Media.

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