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Other Policies

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Statements Policy

Chapters shall maintain a Conflict of Interest and Ethics Statement as provided by the National Office for each employee, board member, and volunteer who has direct contact with children, access to confidential information, or access to chapter funds. Such statements must be signed upon date of hire, election, or commencement of volunteer service, and at least annually thereafter. 

Whistle-Blower Hotline Policy

Chapters shall inform their employees and volunteers at least annually of the existence of a toll-free, confidential whistle-blower hotline through which they can report suspected fraud or other wrongdoing within the organization. Chapters shall not retaliate against any individual who, in good faith, reports alleged improprieties through the whistle-blower hotline or otherwise.

Permanent Documents Policy

Chapters shall permanently maintain the following chapter-related documents, files and records in the chapter’s headquarters: articles of incorporation; incorporation certificate; bylaws; IRS determination letter; tax exemption certificates; fully-executed chapter agreement; federal and state information returns; audited financial statements; and the minutes of all meetings of the board of directors and all board committees (e.g., Executive Committee, Audit & Finance Committee, Wish Committee, etc.). 

Other Document Retention/Destruction Policy

Chapters shall maintain all original wish files, personnel files, volunteer files, financial files and donor files, as well as all non-current contracts and leases in the chapter’s headquarters or other business premises controlled by the chapter, for a minimum of seven years or such longer period as may be required by applicable state law; however, if a chapter becomes aware of any pending, threatened, or reasonably foreseeable audits, litigation, government investigations, or similar proceedings, it shall ensure that no potentially relevant documents are knowingly destroyed by any officer, director, employee, volunteer, or other representative of the chapter.

Executive Compensation Policy

Chapters shall ensure: (1) that the compensation of their Chief Executive, other staff officers and “key employees” (as defined by the IRS) is not only “reasonable,” but also approved by the chapter’s board of directors, or a board-appointed committee, without the involvement of any individual with a conflict of interest; (2) that the board or committee obtains and relies on appropriate comparability data before making its decision; and (3) that the basis for the decision approving the compensation arrangement is adequately documented at the time it is made.

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