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Wish Impact and Facts

What is a Wish?

When we first meet a wish kid, we ask, “If you could go anywhere, have anything, give anything, be anything or meet anyone, what would it be?” When a child answers this question, a wish is born.

Wishes usually fall into five categories: travel wishes, celebrity meetings, gift wishes, give back wishes and occupational wishes. However, wish choices are as diverse as the children themselves. Children can wish for anything from a Caribbean cruise to being a superhero for a day. We put few parameters on wishes, encouraging kids to use their imagination and “think outside the box.” For many of our wish kids, their wish is a a life-changing experience that strengthens their families, brings happiness back into their lives and also marks a turning point in their child’s battle against his or her critical illness.

Aubrey's New Playset

Aubrey Sildes Down Her New Playset

Aubrey Sildes Down Her New Playset

Important Things to Know

To qualify for a wish, children must be diagnosed with a critical illness, should be over the age of 2 ½ and under the age of 18 at the time of referral and must not have received a wish from another wish-granting organization.

Following a referral, a certified medical professional must verify that the child has a critical illness.

We begin the wish process as soon as we receive the health care professional’s approval.

We don’t care if the family is rich or poor.

We fulfill each wish at the family’s convenience.

We don’t refer to our children as “dying” or “terminal.” In fact, nearly 80% of our wish children are still living.

Dominic Smiles Big

Dominic Has Professional Photo Taken During His Shopping Spree

Dominic Has Professional Photo Taken During His Shopping Spree

Wish Impact

We open up a world of possibilities for our wish kids and ask them to dream the unimaginable. And then we make the impossible happen -- a magical wish that improves the quality of life for the children and their families. For many of our wish kids, their wish marks a turning point in their fight against their illnesses.

There was a time I wasn't sure if she'd be able to meet year ago I didn't know if she'd live long enough to have this life-long wish fulfilled. I will never forget this as long as I live." ”

— Avery's mom

Tyler's New Best Friend



Did You Know?

98% of wish parents felt the wish experience gave them an opportunity to be a “normal” family again?*

9 out of 10 nurses, doctors, social workers and child life specialists say the wish experience can influence wish kids’ physical health?*

92% of parents saw their children experience re-empowerment to take back the ability to make decisions in their lives?*

74% of wish parents felt that the wish experience marked a turning point in their own children’s battle against their medical condition?*

Wish parents, wish-granting volunteers and health professionals who treat and refer wish kids report an increased sense of compassion, greater trust in humanity, an enhanced desire to help others and a deepened commitment to philanthropy resulting from their experience with Make-A-Wish.*

Nearly 75% of wishes involve travel.

Our chapter has more than 900 wish-granting volunteers.

*Wish Impact Study Results -- Second Phase: Jan-Aug. 2011 (consolidated results), November 2, 2011

Ryan Gets Kissed By the Princesses

Belle Gives Ryan A Kiss

Belle Gives Ryan A Kiss

Wishes By the Numbers

Last year, our chapter fulfilled an amazing 705 wishes with the help of nearly 900 volunteers. These wishes included going to the San Diego Zoo, donating to instruments a local high school band, being a cowgirl and going on a shopping spree. Of course, our most popular wish is a trip to the Walt Disney World® Resort, by far. Here is a breakdown of the wishes our chapter granted in fiscal year 2017…

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