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2015 Light Up A Child's Life Campaign

The Light Up A Child’s Life® campaign has been making the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions a little bit brighter for the past 26 years. The courageous stories of our wish kids motivate both our volunteers and donors alike. By granting wishes, everyday people can make a difference in a child's life. To view video footage of the broadcasts, please visit and search for Make-A-Wish TV.

A special thanks to the following stations and personnel who helped make wishes come true…

  • Tony Renda, Sr., owner of Renda Broadcasting
  • WISH 99.7 FM in Pittsburgh, PA; its dedicated staff, including Ron Antill, Sara Lockard and Cris Winter.
  • Our Pittsburgh broadcast sites: Fifth Avenue Place, The Galleria at Mt. Lebanon, One Oxford Centre and the Mall at Robinson
  • WRTS Star 104 in Erie, PA; General Manager Michael Malpiedi, DJs Jessica Curry, Tim Murphy, Chris Ryan, Kyle Hendricks and Bill Page.
  • WDSN Sunny 106 in DuBois, PA; its owner Jay Philippone, station staff and Clearfield County volunteers.
  • 98.9 WQKY-FM in St. Marys, PA; Station Manager John Salter, Gary Mitchell and volunteer Linda Facchine.
  • WPXZ-FM 104.1 in Punxsutawney, PA;  Station Manager Jason Hill, station staff and Jefferson County volunteers. 
  • 103.1 The Bear and 95XIL in Parkersburg, WV; its dedicated staff including Ric DeRubeis, Chad Richards, Larry Hughes, Breanna Fouty, and  Jensia Steele.

Pittsburgh, Fifth Avenue Place

December 11th, 14th and 15th

  • Don Zombek, with son Mitch Zombek, stopped by for the broadcast with Make-A-Wish President and CEO, Judith Stone and WISH 99.7 broadcaster, Ron Antill. The Zombek family holds a Christmas Light Display all proceeds benefiting Make-A-Wish.

  • Wish kid Patrick visited Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in 2013.

  • Wish kid Nathan with his family attending Light Up A Child's Life at Fifth Avenue Place in Downtown Pittsburgh.

  • Phil Pusitari and Wayne Yenchik from the Penn Hills Police Department stopped over during the broadcast to show their support. The Penn Hill Police Department has been a supporter of Make-A-Wish since 1989.

  • Kids for Wish Kids Donor, Mikayla Davic with Make-A-Wish President and CEO, Judith Stone.

  • Ethan and his father join in on the broadcast about his wish to go to Hawaii in 2015.

  • From left to right: Ron Antill from WISH 99.7, Mary Ann Papale from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, and President and CEO of Make-A-Wish, Judith Stone.

  • David Enick, Vice President of Treasury Consulting Group at PNC, with President and CEO of Make-A-Wish, Judith Stone.

  • PNC Investments and Treasury Management made a contribution of $47,000. PNC hosts two major fundraising events each year, the PNC Investments Annual Open Your Heart Golf Outing and Dinner Auction and the PNC Treasury Management Annual Golf Outing and Dinner Auction.

Pittsburgh, The Galleria at Mt. Lebanon

December 11th and 12th

  • From left to right: Cris from WISH 99.7, Marketing Director Steven Derr from Busy Beaver and Amanda Jobes and Amanda Filsinger, Volunteer Coordinator from Make-A-Wish.

  • Wish kid Cody and his family with his volunteers Beverly and Michelle, along with Amanda Filsinger, Volunteer Coordinator for Make-A-Wish.

  • From left to right: Cris from WISH 99.7, Chris Laprade, Karisha Loiseau and Laura Schmetzer from Dave & Busters. Dave & Busters had recently held their Breakfast with Santa event for Wish kids.

  • Jack Bogut from Papa J's and Amanda from Make-A-Wish. Papa J's has been a partner with Make-A-Wish since 1993, with donations totaling more than $25,000.

  • Make-A-Wish volunteers Sheila Lehner and Barb Leax.

Pittsburgh, Mall at Robinson

December 15th and 16th

  • This is Mr. Waterheater Enterprises' third year supporting Make-A-Wish with a donation of $6,500. During the past two years Mr. Waterheater has been a big supporter by raising $12,500 towards granting wishes.

  • Penn-Trafford School District organized their annual letter writing campaign this year. The school district reached a total of 6,637 letters written to Santa and were dropped off at Macy’s on National Believe Day.

  • Highlands High School’s NHS continued with their ongoing support this year by holding a dodgeball tournament benefiting Make-A-Wish. Thanks to their hard work, the students were able to grant a wish for a child.

  • From left to right: Cris from WISH 99.7, Leah Micholas and Chris Sotak from Erie Insurance and Dana from Make-A-Wish. Erie Insurance made a donation of $3,750 towards wish granting.

  • Wish Kid Cole and his family with Dana Antkowiak from Make-A-Wish and Make-A-Wish Mascot Stella.

  • Robyn Calvert holds an annual walk in Somerset called "Katie's Walk for the Children". This walk is held in memory of Robyn's daughter Katelyn and has raised more than $32,00 since 2007.

  • Wish kid Mia and her family talk about her wish experience.

  • Wish kid Delany talks about her wish to meet the cast of her favorite television show.

  • Leigh Ann from Make-A-Wish, interviewed Wish kid Joshua and his family about his wish to go to Disney World.

  • Davian talks about his experience as a Wish kid and about his trip to the Disney theme parks.

  • Marc-André Fleury's wife, Veronique, joined the broadcast to talk about Pens & Pins with Leigh Ann Lubarsky from Make-A-Wish.

  • From left to right: Cris from WISH 99.7, Pokey Wiess and Lisa Bakaysza-Cepaitis from Steel City Harley-Davidson and Leigh Ann Lubarsky, Senior Manager of Program Services at Make-A-Wish. Starting in 2007, Steel City Harley has been conducting several fundraising events for Make-A-Wish. As a whole they have raised $30,768 from their loyal customers and riders.

  • Cassandra Harper presents a donation from her father's business C. Harper Auto Group. C. Harper Auto Group has been a donor since 1999 and has donated more than $126,000.

  • Eisenhower Elementary School students with Melissa Slogan from Make-A-Wish.

  • Trinity High School students with Melissa Slogan from Make-A-Wish.

  • From the left to right: Cris Winter from WISH 99.7, Barbara Law from Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services and Melissa Slogan, Development Coordinator for Make-A-Wish. For seven years, Coldwell Banker has been a proud supporter of Make-A-Wish. Employees from 14 offices have conducted several fundraising events to raise money.

  • Wish kids Nathan and Francesca, with Stella.

  • Broadcast sponsor, Kirk Lamagna of Lamagna Cheese

  • OLSH Chargers Ice Hockey team and Coach Derrick, also a Wish kid, talked about their fundraiser "Hockey Gives Back".

  • Morgan, a Wish sister, talks about her own and her sister's experience with Make-A-Wish.

Pittsburgh, Mall at Robinson - Part 2

December 17th and 18th

  • From left to right: Cris Winter from WISH 99.7, Make-A-Wish volunteer, Nikki Holloway with her daughter Carson and Shannon O'Halloran, Make-A-Wish Development Coordinator.

  • Megan Martin and her mother Joy Welsh, talk about Megan's wish to meet President George Bush in 1989.

  • Wishmakers from InventHelp with Shannon O'Halloran from Make-A-Wish and Sarah Walker, Manager of Program Services at Make-A-Wish.

  • Shannon O’Halloran and Sarah Walker from Make-A-Wish, interviews Wish mom Chris DuBois, wish brother Jake and baby Jack.

  • Wish kid Jacob and his family talk about his wish experience.

  • Former Make-A-Wish Intern Dana Fitzgerald with Shannon O'Halloran, Make-A-Wish Development Coordinator.

  • South Hills Lincoln of Pittsburgh with with Ann Hohn, Chief Operating Officer at Make-A-Wish. This is South Hills Lincoln of Pittsburgh's first year as Wishmakers for the Light Up A Child's Life campaign.

  • Derry Area High School Interact Club students with Ann Hohn, Chief Operating Officer at Make-A-Wish. Every year, Derry Area High School hosts their annual Bachelor Auction, this year they raised $13,000.

  • Ross Elementary School has always been loyal supporters of Make-A-Wish since 1992. Through several fundraising events, Ross Elementary has raised a grand total of more than $75,000.

  • Shenango High School Peer Leadership with Cris from WISH 99.7 and Ann Hohn from Make-A-Wish. This is Shenango High School's 5th year of supporting Make-A-Wish. Thanks to their efforts the Peer Leadership group was able to help grant the wishes of 2 children this year.

Erie, STAR 104

  • From left to right: Chris Ryan from STAR 104 with Wish Kid Blake and his mom, talking about his wish experience.

  • Greenville Elks Lodge 145 members, Dick Lugg and Dennis Weaver present their donation of $8,000 to Jan Stork, Senior Director at Make-A-Wish.

  • Tom Glenn and Kimberly Mitchell Glenn present their donation of $3,900 from the Danielle Mitchell Memorial Poker Run.

  • From left to right:Jan Stork from Make-A-Wish with Wish kid Avery and her mom and Chris Ryan from STAR 104.

  • Wish Kid Jordie with Jan Stork from Make-A-Wish.

  • Wish kid Skylar is all smiles after her on-air interview with Star 104's Kyle Hendricks.

  • Wish kid Teddy tells Star 104's Kyle Hendricks all about his wish for a pop-up camper.

  • Star 104's Chris Ryan, Jan Stork, Senior Director at Make-A-Wish and Jackie Lazeski from Walmart talk about Walmart's $9,500 grant from their Volunteerism Always Pays program.

  • Wish kids Lucas and Michael share their stories of their Disney wish trips with Star 104's Chris Ryan.

Dubois-SUNNY 106 /St. Mary's-WQKY FM 98.9

  • SUNNY 106: Regional Manager, Lindsey Herzing at Make-A-Wish with Jeff Pisarcik with another generous donation. This $3,500 donation is from the Sykesville Eagles Club!

  • SUNNY 106: The Sandy Hose Company, Olympic Athletic Club and IP&S Club collectively donated $17,200 this morning to the Light Up A Child's Campaign in DuBois. From left to right: George Moore, Lindsey Herzing from Make-A-Wish, Mike Mowrey and Eddie Walsh.

  • WQKY FM 98.9: From left to right: Gary Mitchell from WQKY FM 98.9 broadcasting with Make-A-Wish Regional Manager, Lindsey Herzing and Wish volunteer, Linda Facchine.

  • WQKY FM 98.9: Another generous donation in St. Mary, PA.

  • WQKY FM 98.9: Make-A-Wish Regional Manager Lindsey with another great donor.

  • WQKY FM 98.9: Local student ensemble group offers donation to Make-A-Wish.

  • WQKY FM 98.9: Students from Elk County Catholic basketball team present their donation to Linda Facchine, wish volunteer and Gary Mitchell from WQKY.

Punxsutawney-WPXZ 104.1/Parkersburg-95 WXIL and 103.1 The Bear

  • WPXZ 104.1: Eleven-year-old wish kid Dalton, who wished to go to Walt Disney World in 2011, visited the Punxsutawney Light Up A Child's Life campaign with a $1,000 donation! From left to right: Regional Manager at Make-A-Wish, Lindsey Herzing, Wish kid, Dalton and Wish Assistant Polly Mills.

  • WPXZ 104.1: Employees of ACME Machine and Welding presented a check of $11,703 to Lindsey Herzing from Make-A-Wish, for the Punxsutawney Light Up A Child's Life Campaign.

  • WPXZ 104.1: Lindsey Herzing from Make-A-Wish, interviewed Paige and Mady Mills at Hometown Pharmacy in Punxsutawney. Back in 2007, Mady wished to go to the Disney theme parks.

  • WPXZ 104.1: The Walston Club presented a check for $8,444.21 to Lindsey Herzing from Make-A-Wish, for the Light Up A Child's Life Campaign in Punxsutawney.

  • WPXZ 104.1: Wish kid Randall, now 20 years old, and his mom Leann stopped by to share their wish story on the air this morning at the Punxsutawney Light Up A Child's Life campaign. Randall's wish to meet the Orange County Choppers took place in 2005 when he was 10 years old.

  • Wish kid Kennedy, Make-A-Wish staff, volunteers, teachers and Elsa from Frozen at Madison Elementary School. Kennedy presented a check to Make-A-Wish from her school's Crazy Hat Day event and also was given an itinerary and special gifts for her own trip to Walt Disney World.

  • 103.1 The Bear: Chad from 103.1 The Bear and Elsa from Frozen meet Kennedy for her big wish reveal at her elementary school.

  • 95 WXIL: Wish kid Nick joins Larry from 95 WXIL for his broadcast.

  • 103.1 The Bear: Chad and Ric from 103.1 The Bear get a special visit from Wish kid Nick.

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